13 Mile Hike

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I took an hour and a half drive up to Ricketts Glen State Park. My goal was to see all the falls, and I’ll tell you that’s exactly what we did. I’ll also tell you, we hiked a total of about 13 miles. It was absolutely beautiful! It amazes me how the rush of water can erode rocks and just how wonderful this is to our eyes. 

So now the moment I’ve been waiting to share, last night after coming home I could feel the soreness starting to make it’s way into my quads. After all, we did climb up stairs most of the time, and most of the stairs were a challenge for my little legs to get up! Knowing that I already was sore, I was getting pretty nervous for how I would feel today. However, then I had some positive thoughts on all of it.

When your muscles are sore, it means you’ve worked hard. When your muscles are sore, it means you are building more muscle. When your muscles are sore, it’s a good thing! And to top it off, I had a wonderful time and saw a lot of beautiful water falls!

Needless to say, when I woke up this morning I was sore. I’m not as sure as I expected, I can walk up stairs without being in tremendous pain. So now I’m going to enjoy my protein shake, and let the protein repair my muscle cells! 


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