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Wednesday evening run!

So in my first post I talked about running, and I really wanted to share this exciting experience with you all! Last evening my boyfriend and I went for our usual run, and we did our mile and a half loop. I can’t even begin to explain how proud of myself I am! We ran and average of 9.58 minutes/mile. That is over a minute better than our usual average! If it weren’t for my boyfriends constant support I don’t know how I’d manage some days. He also is great at pushing me to the point where I can improve myself, and I am so grateful to have someone that I can share this all with. I’m not entirely sure what pushed me to keep going last night, but I hope I can do it again and maybe even better this evening for our first night run!


Why to say no to gluten!

Do you ever get fatigued quite easily and just kind of feel over sluggish even though you had a full nights rest? Do you get little headaches every now and again after eating? Well here’s a possible explanation for that!

Gliadin, the protein portion of gluten, has a similar molecular structure to the thyroid hormone. This is especially a problem with people who have an autoimmune disease, but what about those of us who don’t? Since genetic engineering has increased, there is a whole bunch more gluten in wheat than there used to be…And let’s face it, our bodies can’t handle it! Gluten leaks through the intestines and then goes into our blood stream (sounds fantastic doesn’t it?).  Because gluten is now in the blood stream, and looks to be like the thyroid hormone, the thyroid does not produce the right amount of hormone it should, therefor it creates a slight decrease in the thyroid function, which can also be linked to hypothyroidism. In fact, most people who are aware of hypothyroidism can return to their normal thyroid levels but depleting gluten from their diet. 

Hypothyroidism is what can be blamed for those headaches and fatigue I mentioned above. It can also be blamed for the inability to lose weight, to depression and so much more. When I was initially doing my research a question came to mind. You hear how people say that once you hit a certain age losing weight is almost impossible…Well maybe it’s because of all the gluten consumption, and their thyroid is just not working as well and battling it as much? 

So where can you find gluten? Gluten is in wheat, rye, barley, and some oats. It’s also a hidden ingredient in many additives, so be careful when you’re looking for gluten free items. 

Remember, yes you may take gluten out of your diet, but it’s all about replacement. Now, most foods have a gluten free alternative. Visit your local Wegmans and Giant and you’re guaranteed to find something delicious! 

A little bit about my blog and me!

Hey everyone, if you haven’t read my little “about me” I’m Megan! Recently I’ve been aiming to become a healthier me, and I’d love to share that experience with everyone and maybe encourage some others to try it! 

So I’ve been doing a bunch of things to help me along this road. I’ve been running every evening (unless the weather is outrageous) with my boyfriend, and he is so supportive while we’re running. Running is a bit of a challenge for me because I do have a heart condition, nothing too serious just a third palpitation, but I can definitely feel it when my heart rate is high! I’ve also been trying out a gluten free diet. Now when I say this I want everyone to know that not everything I eat is 100% gluten free, but that is what my end goal will be. However for the time being, even cutting most of the gluten out of my diet is giving me an overall better feeling! The third thing that has been helping me is Arbonne. Arbonne is a health and wellness company, that has wonderful all vegan and toxic free products. Almost all of my hygiene products are from Arbonne, and I am also an Independent Consultant with Arbonne. 

All that being said, I’m excited to now be blogging about all of these important things in my life, and I believe this will even help me out! There will be more to come on why to be gluten free, some recipes that I’ve found interesting, and even some stuff on my Arbonne business! =)